At BEAR, we offer the greatest selection of industrial mold making products. We stock thousands of industrial mold components and supplies, and our quality control managers continuously seek out new and improved products to expand our product line to meet our customer’s needs. We can supply virtually any straight ejector pin, core pin, ejector sleeve, and leader pin customized to meet your request.

Mold Components
  • Ejector Pins – Straight, Metric, Shoulder

  • Core Pins – Hard, Soft

  • Return Pins

  • Sprue Bushings – “U” Series, “B” Series

  • Leader Pins – Shoulder, Straight

  • Stop Pins

  • Steel Bushing – Shoulder, Straight

  • Support Pillars

  • Ejector Sleeves

  • Locating Rings

  • Brass Extension Fittings

  • Brass Pressure Plugs

Mold Polishing Supplies

  • Diamond Compound Lubricator and Thinner
  • Felt Bobs
  • Polishing Brushes
  • Polishing Stones
  • Abrasive Discs
  • Abrasive Sheets, Strips, Bench Rolls
  • Ceramic Stones
  • Cratex and MX Fiber Points
  • Stone Holders, Simichrome Polish

End Mills

  • Tapered End Mills
  • Miniature End Mills
  • Select Series Profile End Mills
  • Select Series Long Shank End Mills
  • Carbide End Mills

Mold Making Equipment & Supplies

  • Mold Release, Mold Cleaner
  • General Purpose Drills
  • Reduced 1/2" Shank Drills, Silver, Deming
  • Chucking Reamers
  • Counterbores
  • Taps, Tap Sets, Corner Radius Cutters